Kamana Europe

Kamana Naturalist Training Europe

The Kamana Naturalist Training Program by Jon Young is a way for you to connect to your own place at your own pace. We’d like to invite you on an adventure. This is an adventure in learning about the natural world, but it goes deeper than that. It’s about gaining a sense of belonging, wherever you are. It’s about finding your gifts. It’s about living your potential as a human being. . .

Kamana is a self-study programme with the option of student services. Students from within the British Isles and Ireland can now be mentored by a Kamana Instructor from these islands. Click here to find out more!

Natural Mystery 1

Who do these tracks belong too? Who passed by first?


Natural Mystery 2

What happened to this tree bark and did it happen in summer or winter?






Natural Mystery 3

Can you identify this bird, and two others it could be confused with?